Between The Bliss And Me

Cat No:
01 - 01 - 2013

Between The Bliss And Me

Julia Faulkner (soprano), Martha Fischer (piano), Lee Hoiby (piano)

The poetry of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), now considered to be one of the greatest American writers, expresses a profound depth of feeling which has long been an inspiration to composers of art songs. Eight of the finest in this genre explore Dickinson's universal themes of love, death, immortality, and man's relationship with nature, from Aaron Copland's famous evocative settings, to songs from Scott Gendel's ASCAP/Lehmann prize-winning cycle Forgotten Light. Lee Hoiby's profoundly moving contributions are his last recording as a pianist. Julia Faulkner's 'sumptuously creamy voice' (Opera News) made her album of songs by Lee Hoiby (8559375) a great success, as it will in this carefully selected program of songs set to poems by Emily Dickinson.

Copland Nature the gentlest mother, When they come back, Sleep is supposed to be, Heart we will forget him, The world feels dusty, I felt a funeral in my brain, The Chariot, Why do they shut me out of heaven?, Going to Heaven!; J Duke Bee! I'm expecting you!, A Farwell The Butterfly, Aristocracy, I'm nobody! Who are you?, Wild Nights!, The Sabbath; E Bacon To make a prairie, It's all I have to bring, And this of all my hopes; L Laitman I gained it so, R Pearson-Thomas I never saw a moor, S Gendel Forgotten Light: Bring me the sunset, Wild Nights!, L Hoiby The Shining Place

Running Time: 59 min