Maxwell Davies Trumpet Concerto

Cat No:
01 - 02 - 2013

Maxwell Davies Trumpet Concerto

Stewart McIlwham (piccolo), John Wallace (trumpet), Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, Peter Maxwell Davies (conductor)

A wide cross-section of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies's orchestral work is represented in this album. Originally written for children, the Five Klee Pictures are anything but childish. Recorded by its dedicatee, Stewart McIlwham, the remarkable Piccolo Concerto displays both the lyrical and mercurial sides of the instrument. Also performed by its dedicatee, John Wallace, the powerful Trumpet Concerto here receives its definitive recording. Maxwell's Reel, with Northern Lights inhabits worlds comparable with the popular An Orkney Wedding with Sunrise (8572352). An enfant terrible of Britain's 1960s avant-garde, Peter Maxwell Davies remains one of today's most exciting and provocative composers, and Naxos' re-releases of his classic 1980s recordings are reinvigorating interest and generating new audiences for his work.

Maxwell Davies Piccolo Concerto, Trumpet Concerto, Maxwell's Reel with Northern Lights, Five Klee Pictures

Running Time: 1 hr 8 min

Fulsome praise was given for the works in this program from Gramophone in their original guise, including the 'long-lined lyricism and dazzling brightness' of the Piccolo Concerto, John Wallace's 'dynamically subtle' playing in the Trumpet Concerto, which has 'strong claims to definitiveness', the 'exuberant...popular' Maxwell's Reel, with Northern Lights and 'first-class performances, as ever in this series' (Five Klee Pictures).