Mayr Arianna in Nasso

Cat No:
01 - 10 - 2012

Mayr Arianna in Nasso

Cornelia Horak (soprano), Thomas Michael Allen (tenor), Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble, Franz Hauk (harpsichord, conductor)

The Bavarian-born composer Simon Mayr spent his compositional life in Italy, spreading the influence of Viennese classicism whilst himself being influenced by prevailing Italian models. His cantata Arianna in Nasso (Ariadne on Naxos) was written for the leading soprano Isabella Colbran, who was later to marry Rossini. Her virtuosity inspired Mayr, and his cantata is a stirring example of vivid nature writing, refined pathos, and joyous celebration. Franz Hauk and the Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble are the world's leading Mayr exponents and their recordings have received the highest critical acclaim.

Mayr Arianna in Nasso - Sinfonia, Introduzione: Misera! al sonno in preda (Chorus), Recitativo: Larve terribili (Arianna), Aria: Coll'empia l'infido (Arianna), Marcia, Chorus: Dal confine ove lieta l'Aurora (Chorus), Recitativo: Si compagni quel nume (Bacco), Aria: Il fatal fragor dell'armi (Bacco, Chorus), Recitativo: Giove del lungo errar questa e la meta (Bacco, Chorus, Arianna), Duetto: Non temer (Bacco, Arianna), Recitativo: Le passate vicende (Bacco, Arianna), Chorus: Del bromio dio (Chorus), Recitativo: Che vedo! (Arianna, Bacco), Chorus: Abbi Arianna omai di tanti lai (Chorus), Recitativo: Deh! benefico nume (Arianna), Aria: Troppo oppresso (Arianna, Bacco, Chorus), Finale: D'Arianna e di Lieo (Chorus)

Running Time: 58 min

'Naxos's project of recording the major works of Simon Mayr is an extremely important event, introducing to most of us a composer of genuine individuality and importance. Arianna in Nasso is described as a 'cantata in one act', and really is almost an unstaged opera. This is attractive, engaging, and dramatic music, with a real face to it. Anyone who responds to vocal music of the late-18th and early-19th centuries will find this a wonderful discovery...Highly recommended.' (Fanfare)