Rossini Le Siege de Corinthe

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01 - 06 - 2013

Rossini Le Siege de Corinthe

Lorenzo Regazzo (bass), Majella Cullagh (soprano), Marc Sala (tenor), Michael Spyres (tenor), Matthieu Lecroart (bass), Gustavo Quaresma Ramos (tenor), Marco Filippo Romano (baritone), Silvia Beltrami (mezzo-soprano), Camerata Bach Choir, Poznan and Virtuosi Brunensis, Jean-Luc Tingaud (conductor)

Rossini adapted his own Italian opera of 1820, Maometto Secundo, for the Parisian stage under the title of Le Siege de Corinthe. As Rossini's original work had already absorbed distinctive French characteristics such as heroic arias, and characterisation through orchestral colour, the newly composed music for the reworking makes for a powerful and compelling operatic tour de force. With its historical subject matter and tragic ending, Le Siege de Corinthe anticipates the advent of grand opera. It is an important work, showing how Rossini both absorbed and continued to propagate the demands of the new French opera movement of the first third of the 19th Century which required a strong sense of historic narrative and tragedy.

CD 1 Rossini Le Siege de Corinthe - Ouverture, Ta noble voix seigneur (Chorus, Cleomene, Neocles)/Vaillants guerriers (Cleomene, Hieros, Neocles, Chorus)/La Grece est libre encore (Cleomene, Hieros), Ta fille m'est promise/Disgrace horrible! (Neocles, Cleomene, Pamyra, Chorus) La flamme rapide (Chorus), Qu'a ma voix/Chef d'un peuple indomptable (Mahomet, Chorus), Nous avons triomphe/Ah! l'amant qui m'enchaine (Omar, Mahomet, Cleomene, Pamyra, Chorus, Ismene), Que vais-je devenir-Du sejour de la lumiere (Pamyra, Chorus), Rassure-toi-Que vois-je (Mahomet, Pamyra, Omar, Chorus)/Triomphe Pamyra (Mahomet), L'hymen lui donne une couronne (Ismene, Chorus)

CD 2 Air de danse I, Air de danse II Divin prophete (Chorus)/Quel bruit se fait entendre (Mahomet, Pamyra, Neocles, Omar, Chorus), Il est son frere (Mahomet, Pamyra, Neocles, Omar, Chorus), Avancons/O toi que je revere (Neocles, Adraste, Chorus), Grand Dieu faut/il qu'un peuple (Neocles), Cher Cleomene/Celeste providence (Neocles, Cleomene, Pamyra), Je viens de parcourir (Hieros, Cleomene, Hieros, Chorus, Pamyra, Ismene, Neocles), L'heure fatale approche/Juste ciel! (Pamyra, Chorus), Mais quels accents se font entendre (Pamyra, Chorus, Mahomet)

Running Time: 2 hr 32 min