Saints and Sinners Box Set

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01 - 02 - 2014

Saints and Sinners Box Set

Various Artists

This is a journey through the music world of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It ends with those composers and those pieces of music that, around 1600, were shaping the sound that we call Baroque. Presented chronologically, this extensive collection of works covers sacred and secular music from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England, Flanders, Portugal and The Netherlands, from a wide range of composers. Includes a comprehensive 76 page booklet charting the history and development of the music included in these specially chosen recordings. An ideal introduction and guide to this fascinating music. Sung text available here.

CD 1 - Anon Tunc cantabat Moyses, Dies irae (Gragorian Chant); Abelard Planctus David, Anon (arr. Haas) Magnificat, Hildegard O cruor sanguinis, Ordo virtutum; Leonin Non vos relinquam - Homo quo vigeas, Perotin Sederunt principes, Alfonso X Cantiga No 10 'Rosa das rosas' - Av'e Eva CSM60, Anon Laudario di Cortona - Venite a laudare

CD 2 - Bache bene venies; Ventadorn Quan vei la lauzeta mover, Richard I (arr. Ferrero) Ja nuls hom pres, Vogelweide (arr. Ferrero) Nu alrest leb ich mir werde 'Palastinalied', Neidhart (arr. Lewon) Mir ist ummaten leyde, Halle Le jeu de Robin et de Marion (Scene 1), Anon Virtuoso Dance Music from the Time of Boccaccio's Decamerone - Saltarellos Nos 2-3, Landini Non ara may pieta questa mis dona, Anon Parvulus nobis nascitur PC1625, Angelus ad virginem, Pilgrim Songs from the Monastery of Montserrat - O Maria maris stella; Machaut Messe de Nostre Dame - Kyrie, Anon Mass of Tournai - Glria, Dunstable Credo JD12

CD 3 - Dufay Missa L'homme arme - Veni Sancte Spiritus, Jubilate Deo; Ockeghem Miss L'homme arme - Sanctus, des Prez Missa L'homme arme - Agnus Dei, Anchieta Missa quarti toni - Agnus Dei, Obrecht Missa Caput - Agnus Dei, Finck Wer ich eyn falck - Invicto regi jubilo, Anon Dies est laetitiae, Isaac Innsbruck ich muss dich lassen, Hofhaimer Zucht Eer und Lob, Susato Myns liefkens bruyn ooghen, Dufay Chansons - Vergene bella, Se la face ay pale; Anon The Buxheim Organ Book - Binchois: 'Qui vent mesdire'; Busnoys Noel noel, Agricola Fortuna desperata

CD 4 - Des Prez Memor esto verbi tui, La Rue Salve regina IV, Mouton Jamais jamais jamais, Encina Oy comamos y bebamos, Janequin Or vien ca vien m'amye, Arcadelt Margot labourez les vignes, Clemens non Papa Ego flos campi, Dall'Aquila Ricercar No 26 - Fantasia GAC fol57, Milano Fantasia sexta, Ricercare No 84; da Crema Ricercar decimoquinto, Willaert Vecchie letrose non valete niente, Christus resurgens; Morales Magnificat, de la Torre Danza alta sobre 'la Spagna', Mila Fantasia Nos 1-2, Music for Vihuela - Pavana V; Mudarra Tiento, Narvaez Fantasia VIII, Music for Vihuela - Cum sancto spiritu

CD 5 - Anon There is no rose, Wilkinson Jesus autem transiens - Credo in Deum, Cornysh A robyn gentyl robyn - Ah! Robin, Taverner In Nomine, Tye Euge bone Mass - Sanctus, Tallis Spem in alium, Gloria tibi Trinitas; Parsons The Songe called Trumpets, Byrd Mass a 5, Philips Paget Pavan in C minor, Gaude Maria Virgo

CD 6 - Mundy In Nomine 'Fantasia', Hume Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke - The Virgins muse-The Lady Arbellaes favoret, Holborne Pavan No 2, Robins A Galliard, Johnson The Marigold Pavan, Dowland Book of Songs (Book 2) - Flow my tears fall from your springs, The Most and Mighty Christianus IV King of Denmark His Galliard P40, Semper Dowland semper dolens H8; Tomkins When David heard that Absalom was slain, In Nomine; Morley Hard by a cristall fountaine, Farnaby Fantasia (6/320), Campion My sweetest Lesbia let us live and love, Weelkes As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending, When Kempe did dance alone; Anon Variation on Robin is to the greenwod gone, Wilbye Draw on sweet night, Gibbons O clap your hands, The silver swan

CD 7 - Lobo Audivi vocem de caelo, Cardoso Miss pro defunctis - Introitus, Magalhaes Missa O Soberana luz - Gloria, de Brito Lesson I for Good Friday, de Rore Ancor che col partire, (arr. Ammerbach) Ancor che col partire; Cavazzoni Ricercare No 2, Gabrieli Lassus - Canzona 'Susanne un jour', Rognoni Variations on a madrigal by de Rore, Liuto Prelude, Fantasia, Galliard; Goudimel Cantique de Simeon, L'Estocart Psalm 25, di Lasso Missa Bell'Amfitrit altera - Gloria, Missa Entre vous filles - Sanctus, Domine Dominus noster, Lagrime di San Pietro - Il Magnanimo Pietro, Vide homo

CD 8 - Gombert Magnificat primi toni, Victoria Vadam et circumibo civitatem a 6, Missa O magnum mysterium; A Lobo Versa est in luctum, Hassler Cantate Domino, Praetorius Terpsichore - Galliarde, Bransle Gay-de Montirande, La Bouree, (arr. Baumer) Courante, Volte; Sweenlick Mein junges Leben hat ein End SwWV324, hodie Christus natus est SwWV136

CD 9 - Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli, Merulo Toccata seconda del primo tono, Gabrieli (arr. Crees) Canzon in echo a 12, Sacrae symphoniae - Sonata pian e forte a 8, Canzon noni toni a 8; Hodie Christus natus est a 10; Cavalieri Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo - Prolouge, Anima mia che pensi?

CD 10 - Caccini Amarilli mia bella, Gesualdo O vos omnes, Mentre madonna il lasso fianco posa, Ahi troppo saggia nell'errar, O dolorosa gioia; Peri Se tu parti da me, Banchieri Il zabaione musicale (Act I), Kapsberger Libri IV d'intavolatura di chitarrone - Passacaglia, Monteverdi Vattene pur crudel con quella pace, L'Orfeo - Toccata, Lasciate i monti, Questi i campi, Moresca; Vespro della Beata Vergine - Domine ad adiuvandum, Dixit Dominus, Nigra sum

Running Time: 12 hr 15 min