Wagner The Flying Dutchman DVD

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01 - 07 - 2014

Wagner The Flying Dutchman DVD

Samuel Youn (Der Hollander), Franz-Josef Selig (Daland), Ricarda Merbeth (Senta), Tomislav Muzek (Erik), Christa Mayer (Mary), Benjamin Bruns (Der Steuermann), Bayreuth Festival, Christian Thielemann (conductor)

Last year's revival of Jan Philipp Gloger's controversial 2012 production was greeted (as so often in Bayreuth) with huge acclaim. He translates the tale of the Dutchman, whose travails can only be redeemed through the unconditional love of a woman (Senta), to a future time, where part-human/part-cyborgs grind out an existence in a world completely subservient to business and commerce. In the modern fan-making factory, which replaces the world of Senta and her fellow
seamstresses, we see a final tableau in which the Dutchman's and Senta's heavenly union is 'commemorated' by the factory workers now producing souvenir statuettes of the couple. The production stars Samuel Youn, Ricarda Merbeth, and Franz-Josef Selig, and is conducted by Christian Thielemann, arguably the greatest Wagnerian conductor of today.

Wagner The Flying Dutchman

Running Time: 2 hr 20 min
Picture format: NTSC 16:9
Sound format: 2.0LPCM + 5.1(5.0) DTS
Subtitles: English, French, German, Korean
Region code: 0 (worldwide)
No. of disc: 1 (DVD 9)

Also available on Blu-ray (OABD7147D)

Christian Thielemann and Das Festspielorchester received the biggest cheers, and rightly so: their account - thrillingly intense and demonic, while respecting of the sweeter passages - was superlative.' (The Financial Times)
'The excellent Mr Youn is a sympathetic and suffering Dutchman who sings with dignity touched with anguish.' (The New York Times)